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IFAN-TVIFAN has a history of always taking the 1st step towards creating innovations in the field of financial planning and ‘Financial Distribution Platform’. Walking on the same steps IFAN has launched India’s 1st Financial Literacy TV Channel called ‘IFAN TV’.

It has been found that in a country like India, financial literacy is at a very low level. According to census 2011, only about 55-58 % households had access to banking services. After India’s Independence the biggest priority for our country has been its economic growth, education for all and financial inclusion for the vast population of the country. The middle class segment and below had limited access to the financial knowledge which resulted in increasing inequality within the society. Many people took the initiative to bridge the gap but it is found that the knowledge format was only for those who where HNI or large corporate houses and for those who were able to understand the complicated knowledge available through these mediums. This has resulted in a wider segment of the society being deprived of the right sort of financial knowledge and hence the root problem of the lack of financial literacy prevailed at its own place.

In various market researches it has been found that there is high disproportion of knowledge about financial markets across different class of people. There is a perception in Indian economy that financial knowledge is only for HNI and corporate houses and only they can understand the complex jargons used for investment products. IFAN has taken the initiative to remove this myth and make the financial products information and details available to the ‘ real investor’ in an easy to understand & simple format such that every segment of society can become independent in terms of financial knowledge and planning.

We expect that this channel would bridge the information gap in the society and spread the financial products & concepts knowledge across the country so that individuals can take informed decision about their money. IFAN TV Channel is available on Hathway broadband and cable across the country on channel no. 215, in Bangalore on channel no. 459 and in Hyderabad on channel no. 463.

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© Copyright -2015 IFAN. All rights reserved

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